Our history

Pettarini started its business in 1957. Its production was initially aimed at the furnishing sector, but soon the company expanded its technological and design capabilities, diversifying its market.
















The Company

Innovative solutions created by a qualified team

Pettarini has always been synonymous with passion and innovation. The Company embeds innovation in all its business processes in order to create value for the customer by delivering new components with innovative technologies. Our competitive advantage is our young and highly qualified team, which is able to propose innovative products tailored to the needs and expectations of our customers.

Creating value for the customer by manufacturing new components with innovative technologies.

Agostino Pettarini - CEO

Our sectors

Pettarini has gained its experience starting from the furniture sector and then evolved by operating in selective and rigorous sectors, such as automotive, building and industrial mechanics. The Company offers customised solutions exploiting new metal wire cold pressing technologies to provide the customer with increased competitiveness and efficiency. This reduces the time and cost of production and waste of materials while ensuring high quality and high performance products.
Pettarini team sviluppo

Customised products

Pettarini offers its customers an integrated service, anticipating their needs, understanding their requirements and suggesting the most appropriate solutions. The Company constantly and heavily invests in research and development of customised products, guaranteeing continuous support and collaboration to its customers. It is also committed to optimising customer services at all stages, from design to final product delivery.

Today, the Company offers itself to companies of all sizes and sectors as a partner rather than as a simple supplier: with the energies of a young team and the experience of over 60 years of work, growth and success and providing key benefits:

  • Customized products,
  • The cold pressing production process reduces the time and cost of production and guarantees high quality and high performance products,
  • Constant collaboration and support throughout the production process.