Become our supplier

Pettarini is committed to developing a lasting business relationship with its suppliers, who can meet top quality, price and reliability criteria. To maintain a close relationship, we need to work constantly and build strong relationships in order to best manage the business in a mutually successful way.

Pettarini stands out for its excellence and competitiveness by offering a high quality product always. It is regularly engaged in the improvement of products and production processes. Maintaining and improving customer satisfaction is a common goal of both our company and our suppliers. To achieve this, we must constantly work together to improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Supplier selection

Selecting and evaluating a supplier becomes one of the most strategic tasks in order to achieve our goals. In the selection process we must make sure that the selected supplier can provide us with the product we are looking for and meet our purchase specifications.
Step 01

Filling out the supplier form

Prospective suppliers are encouraged to fill out the form with their general information. The data will be thoroughly analysed.

Step 02

Next stage selection

Should we believe that a collaboration is possible, we will contact your sales office or request a general offer.

Step 03

Individual interview

Before our final selection, we like to meet you and learn about the different departments of your company. We need to make sure that you can guarantee the quality and compliance of the products and services offered.

We are willing to analyse any products or ideas that could create new relationships or partnerships, and broaden our knowledge.

Do you want to join our team?

Our employees are our most important resource and an indispensable factor for achieving our common goals and for the Company's success. Through continuous training, we ensure professional development and growth. We offer a stimulating work environment where group work gives the opportunity to develop collaborative and competitive skills.

Can't wait to work with us?

We currently do not have available positions. However, should you think you have something that can convince us to meet you, send us your resume.