Group 1: These are key cookies and without them web application will not work as it should. These cookies are set when you submit a form, sign in, or perform any interaction with the web application that goes beyond simple clicking on the link. For these cookies we do not have to get your consent.

Group 2: These cookies analyze traffic to web application, so we can improve user experience. By using the web application, you agree to the installation of these cookies on your device.

Group 3: These are cookies from our partner services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and others. If you do not consent the installation of these cookies they will not be set, but it can happen that some very useful functionality of the web application will not be available.


A detailed list of cookies

Our web application uses cookies. Cookies are small files, which are installed on your device in order to improve user experience. The table below show the cookies we use.

Service Cookie name (duration) Description
Web application phpsess (to the end of session) Cookies that are important for the functionality of the web application and will always be installed.
You Tube Demographics (6 months), ACTIVITY (to the end of session), use_hitbox (to the end of session), PREF (10 years)
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE (8 months), YSC (to the end of session)
When you start playing a clip from the web application, You Tube can set a cookie, but the data do not reveal your privacy. Google Privacy Policy
Add This __atuvc (2 years), uit (2 years), uvc (2 years), ssh (2 years), ssc (2 years) Cookies, which allows user to see updated counter when parts of any content iz shared to social networks before the web application cache updates.
Cookies will be installed only after you consent installation. If you do not consent installation, links with social networks will not be displayed.
Google Maps SID (10 years), SAPISID (10 years), APISID (10 years), SSID (10 years), HSID (10 years), NID (6 months), PREF (2 years) Cookies enable web application to display maps. Google Privacy Policy
Cookies will be installed only after you will agree with use.
Google Analytics _utma (2 years), _utmb (30 min), _utmc (to the end of session), _utmz (6 months) Cookies that are designed to gather information on the use of web application. Allows us to analyze attendance, with the help of which we can improve the user experience. Data are collected at Google in anonymous form. Google Privacy Policy
Cookies will be installed only after you will agree with use.
Facebook datr (2 years), locale (1 teden), reg_fb_gate (to the end of session), reg_fb_ref (to the end of session), highContrastMode (to the end of session), wd (to the end of session), act (1 week), _e_0ceM_0 (1 month), csm (1 month), c_user (1 month), fr_ (1 month), lu (2 years), s (1 month), xs (1 month) Cookies that enable connectivity and tracking through a variety of web applications. Facebook privacy policy.
Font size fontsize (48 hours) Cookies that are used for increasing and decreasing web application font size or font settings.
Cookies will be installed only after you will agree with use.